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Tuesday, February 28, 2017 by Claire Eldred | Composer of the Month

Composer of the month - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Who's already playing Beethoven this month? 

Alice Luke - Alice is enjoying Turkish March from her Piano Adventures book 

Olivia Brown  & Harry Matthews, Julie Knibbs and Georgina Gray  - These are all playing a firm favourite 'Ode to Joy' taken from Symphony No.9 in D minor one of his most famous compositions - see below for a little blast!

Ellen Hodges - Ellen in Playing Turkish March :)

Zoe Halls - She's playing Shepherd's Song which is a melody taken from Beethoven's 6th Symphony

What will you pick? 

Beethoven Facts: 
Born:  December 16, 1770 
Died: March 26, 1827
Country: Bonn, Germany

Beethoven Trivia: 

Beethoven had 2 brothers and a sister.

He had piano lessons from Haydn.

He began to go deaf at the age of 28.

Beethoven never married. 

Some 10,000 people attended his funeral - unheard of for a composer to that point in history.

Most famous works: