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Monday, January 1, 2018 by Claire Eldred | Composer of the Month

This Month's Composer of the Month is Johann Sebastian Bach.

Now, a lot of you have played or are currently playing pieces by Bach, also known as the Father Of Music...

Who agrees with this statement: "It's easy to play a musical instrument, all you need to do it touch the right key and the right time and the instrument will play itself" ♪♪♪

Hmmm, well practice definitely helps make it easier ;-)

Heres some quick facts about this legend:

Born 1685, died 1750

He was married twice and had 20 children! Wow, I bet that made the bathroom tricky in the morning!

While he was alive, Bach was just known as a normal musician - he only became mega famous about 100 years after he died! 

He's thought to be the most influential composer of all time, and the year of his death marks the end of the Baroque Period in Musical History

Bach worked for a Duke and a Prince and then became a musical director of a school in Germany

Some Bach you might know…